“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”

- Confucius

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

- Aristotle

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

- Sharon Pearson

“Extraordinary people are ordinary people making extraordinary decisions.”

The Unknown

Hello and Welcome!! I truly believe that every person has an incredible talent and we can ignite this unknown or hidden talent through enablement and that is what I call Coaching

This gives me immense gratification when I help channelise individuals to discover their new ways of thinking to find the purpose and success of life. I am a coach who helps people harness and grow their personal resources to overcome life’s challenges. I work with people facing life’s big transitions like:

Career Strategy and Planning

Changing career

Moving into a leadership role

Being a better leader

Finding a new direction in your life

Finding the purpose of life and beyond

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What Is Coaching?

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential and enhancing their own performance, by helping them to learn rather than teaching them. The coach does not say how to achieve success, but asks questions through which the client himself finds the solution to his own tasks. Coaching involves the belief that the individual has the answers to their own problems within them.

Coaching is a process designed to help improve

A person

Team or organisation’s behaviour



Decision-making and overall efficiency

The focus is very much on the individual and what is inside their head. Helping them all the way to set goals, explore new horizons, make action plans and achieve the desired outcomes.



Make it simple but significant

Discover what's beneath you


The stepping stone for coaching journey is to help bring in the realisation. The Coach enables this journey for the client. Listening to and understanding ourselves is where true personal growth occurs. By being heard, seen and encouraged to challenge our limiting beliefs we reach new heights of insight and awareness. This is why working with a skilled coach or facilitator is such an empowering experience.


ACHIEVE is to encourage momentum – both towards goals – and between coaching sessions. Until goals have been met, it is often difficult for individuals to remain motivated, and it is, therefore, the role of the coach to maintain encouragement and keep achievable goals within sight


Transform is the journey of 3As : Awareness – Alignment- Action The client determines the desired outcomes for each coaching session. As we hold the client’s agenda, we also hold the intention for the client to deepen their awareness, move toward alignment and step into action. Creating space for reflection gives clients access to their inner-knowing. When actions arise from that place of self-connection, their goals manifest more easily.



“Meera is an internationally very experienced trainer and manager. She has opened up to me new views into the world of networks. She combined theory with her personal management experience. I enjoyed the phone calls with Meera very much because of her friendly and personal manner. I can highly recommend Meera as a trainer. Any time again with pleasure.”

Stefan Zils

“I would like to say many thanks to Meera that she inspired me about many points on career point that I would never thought before. She is an excellent career coach and outstanding recommendations.”

Fatih Ayaz

“ I was looking for help in progressing on my career path - There were many thoughts in subconscious mind for resume updates and target job assessment which were not getting realized but after meeting Coach Meera, i could get all the thoughts in a structured way and have got action points to enhance my personal brand and change the usual way of job search into more focused and professional way.”

Deepesh Dongre

“Meera is a very talented, experienced and committed person. I am glad that I made the right decision to reach out to her in terms of seeking help on career goals. She speaks to the point and is very fluent and clear in her speech. I wish to continue coaching with her in the future as well. ”

Sukrutha Bhat

“I really felt this coach has a great energy, experience and is helping me create a plan for my career.”

Kevin Serkin

“Considering we just had 30 minutes, Meera gave me a lot of good thought provoking aspects. She was clear, energetic, structured, friendly and very well-prepared to help me find answers to my questions. She provided me with a lot of good resources too for further research. I am really glad that I chose her as my coach.”

Jasmine Nadar

“ Had a really amazing session with my career coach Meera who completely changed my perspective on my first job search phase. I learnt about research oriented ways for finding a job and other things which are extremely important to make it less complex. Now, unlike before I won't be randomly searching for jobs but I'll be following a precise and effective method.”

Ayush jaiswal

“ Meera madam coaches me very dedicatedly every time. Her way of explaining the concepts is very unique. she helps me understand things easily. I have been feeling to do more work every time after talking to her because her words boost up my confidence. she explains everything more effectively than in a regular way. Meera madam comes up with fantastic realtime examples and ideas while training me. She even talks for the extra time whenever it is needed and shares me a lot of information through email which is really useful. I never felt like I am talking to a coach instead I felt her like a friend. she talks to me very friendly and even cares for me. I am very fortunate to have her as my coach. I am very happy that I made the right choice of selecting her. Thanks to Meera madam for making the difference in my life.”

Pravallika Mahadeesh

“ Meera is a gem! I truly enjoyed her passion for coaching which in turn provided me with the highest level of quality during our sessions. She customized a tailored plan for my individual needs which was refreshing as suppose to a one-size-fits-all approach. I admire how Meera connected the dots across vertical dimensions of personal life and career. I really enjoyed my sessions with Meera and recommend her coaching expertise to all.”

Tina patel

“It was a pleasure talking and having discussions with Meera. I was very self doubtful when I started, but by the end of the session I felt like having a torch in my hands and I can channelize my efforts in a particular direction. I look forward to many more coaching sessions with Meera”

Meenakshi Malik

“Meera is an amazing Career Coach! I was very nervous going into the meeting because I have never attended career coaching before, and I had felt like I needed to have all the answers to my career/plan laid out beforehand. However, very quickly into the meeting, I realized there was no need to be nervous. From start to finish, Meera had so much positive energy and vast knowledge from her experience as a Career Coach – she accurately identified my needs immediately, even when I had trouble articulating them. She then provided very proactive, hands-on solutions in the short amount time we had together. I left the meeting feeling more confident, determined, and aware of the next steps I need to take. I’m very glad to have chosen Meera as a Career Coach!”

Abi Nadarajasundaram

“ Coach Meera is amazing! Totally shocked by the realisations of resources available within and approach discussed in my first career counselling session. I've got to admit I had my job search approach filled with blindspots, and really had no idea what I've been doing. I'm glad to have started career counselling early, and very excited to put into practise what I've just learned.”

Asad Siddiqui

“ The thoughts were deep and wise. I did not expect that. The empathy is so strong that the conversation brought tremendous amount of energy to me.”

Farrukh Normuradov

“ I Had a really great session, and all of my questions were answered. I even got answers to questions I didn't even know I had. I very grateful and I can't wait for the next session.”

Andy Taylor

“ What an amazing coaching session. This session is an eye opener for me. One of the best 30 minutes I spent in this year 2020. I certainly would like to continue talking to Meera again and learn from her. She is able to understand my requirements in just few minutes and provided an extensive discovery discussions on how I can progress in my career. I never thought this process myself. Thanks a lot Meera for this coaching session.”

Giridhar Kodakalla

“ Meera is really working hard to providing career coaching. Also not only giving knowledge also providing the pathways to achieve the goals. It's an eye-opening session I salute the spirit she has to help individuals achieve their respective career goals.”

vishal sharma

“ I loved the coaching approach Meera has, and she identified exactly what I needed and pointed me in the right direction in a way that fits me perfectly.”

Marija Todosovska

“ Hi I am Mohamed Mahmoud from Egypt. I reached out to coach Meera for career transition. Coach Meera is totally amazing in the way she partners and drives conversations. She does not give you the fish – she teaches you to fish! She brings out the core realities with ease. Her art of story telling is comparable to the best. I always kept looking outside for solutions but she made me realise that the potential lies within. The sessions with her are absolutely simple yet very thought provoking. Leaves one thinking why I did not meet her earlier! The discoveries are real and even before you realise, you have already got your actions for take away. I thank Coach Meera for helping me transform my career and help me look at my life with new outlook.”

Mohamed Mahmoud

“ I love how Meera breaks down the topics for each session to guide you to see your pain points from a different point of view. Also, I find the key takeaways very helpful in order to take concrete actions on a daily basis to change one's mindset and to remind ourselves of our end goal. An inspiring and straightforward coach I like to listen to and incorporate the learnings into my daily routine. Excited about every session so far. Meera is an awesome human, her energy is contagious and I love her mission of helping people on their career journey. After her coaching session I feel super motivated and inspired.”

Robert Zivkovic

“ Meera Singh has an energy that at once focused and inspired me. It was if I was lost in the career forest and suddenly a guide appeared to show me a path just beyond the shrubbery clogging my thinking. If you are lucky enough to engage with her I predict you will be instantly better for it. Yes, this is a rave review. She is the coaching equivalent of a B12 shot. Except the benefits don't wear off.”

Shawn Bertram

“ Meera is an Awesome Coach! I am writing this review after getting a job. I lost my job during pandemic and obviously very shattered by it. Meera was very supportive as much as she is knowledgeable. She guided me in a way I could not imagine at that time. I was employed in hospitality business for 7 years and couldn't look further. She pushed me and showed confidence in me to look beyond. Now, I am employed in artificial intelligence working for google search as my client. It would not have been possible without her support. Her seminar are always helpful but speaking to her one on one is a different story altogether. She is a driven individual who can really wake you up from your slumber and instill the required positive energy within you. Cannot recommend her enough!”

Shashwat Srivastava

“Meera is an outstanding career coach. When we met 6 months ago, I did not have a LinkedIn page, a public personal brand, or a solid framework and pathway for how to achieve my professional and career goals. I was simply at the beginning of my journey in transitioning into a new career. Choosing to work with Coach Meera consistently over the last few months and following through on her guidance and resources, has been a great gift to myself. I have grown in my approach to building my career, extending my network and understanding where I need to upskill and where I have strong skills for the roles that I seek. Meera will tell you that the journey will be structured and scientific and it will work...- it is and it does. #bestcoachever”

Karen Hebel

“I cannot recommend Meera highly enough! Meera has truly helped me to shape my future for the better. I had gone through an extreme change in my life and had no direction. When I started my Career Coaching, I had no idea where I’m lacking she helped me to figure out what I’m cable of and how I can transform my skills and values to fulfilling my career. I found her methods and manner extremely motivating. She is energetic, sweet, and supportive. She knew exactly what to do to get someone to think about their career in a fresh and productive way. Best of all, she made me feel confident, motivated, inspired, proactive, and entitled to go after my career and I've never looked back. Meera, I can’t thank you enough! I would highly recommend Meera for all career situations if you are currently in a career or exploring options!”

Rucha Joshi

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